Rack column protector

Ultra efficient, absorbent, eco-designed, patented, unique on the market ! 

The absorber shoe is a 5mm thick S355 steel shell (highly resistant) + an absorber.

The absorber shoe offers increased impact resistance and therefore higher durability. A long-term investment for sure !

Absorption by the rubberized part of the absorber shoe allows a minimum displacement of the shoe and therefore less hole in the ground in addition to having a minimal impact on the ladder post.

Therefore :
– Less impact on the scale amount
– Smaller hole in the ground
– More resistant
– A longer service life
– More security

The shoe can be sold without the absorber.

  • Sabot Ecolog 85 : S.520085
  • Sabot Ecolog 100 : S.520100
  • Sabot Ecolog 125 : S.520125